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Who Is ProBlues ?

The Pro Blues Show

Blues is best known for his live production on twitch, Housing regular live shows hosting a wide range of mediums and media... A laugh is sure to be had!


Starting his humble beginnings on youtube, hes amassed a large following of dedicated fans, supplying all his own editing and footage blues offers a talented skill in production slowly becoming rare within the Content Creator scene

Musically Talented

Blues, aside from having a fast wit, is also highly musically inclined! On stream he adds his musical talents to add amazing value to his viewers, and in the voice acting realm has provided his skills in creating some well know soundtracks to his acting work, Notably the ``SuctionCup Man`` Theme tune

Photo graphy

Blues finds himself like most of us at home on the back of the camera, if hes not putting on a show, his talented art style is sure to impress!

Who is Blues?

Blues resides in one of australia's best rural NSW farming hubs, Old Faithful Wagga Wagga. Born and Beard, he brings the true australian rural internet to bare, pushing it to the limits each stream!

Voice Actor

Blues Prides himself on his wide range of mental disorders, which he comically voices both on stream and off, Housing roles such as ``Suctioncup Man`` By Piemations

Retro Gamer

Blues loves his games, his major passion tho is the games lost with time, ranging from NES to the newest consoles; If you love retro and love the word ``backwards compatible`` you'll find blues right behind it!

Business Opportunities

Blues is always looking to expand his horizons, and if you have something to pitch to him shoot him an email!

Voice Acting and Content Creation

Voice Acting

Aside from blues talented production skills, he also has a wide range of musical talent. From his harmonica to this guitar which he uses to support is stunning voice. Hes used said skills by voiceing a popular character in the Piemation animation “suction cup man” Piemation

Suction Cup Man

One of Blues best known roles is the voice of “suction cup man” in the Piemation animation series of the same name; Hes always looking to expand this professional work


Looking to nab some amazing blues merch? Look no further, Blues has a stunning range of meme worthy shirts and stickers… range shall be expanding as blues makes a choice on where he put the void cup!

Hire me

Blues isĀ  always looking to expand his skills and challenge himself, if you have a wild idea that would require one of blues many skills send him an email from the button below!

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